Seasons Of Change Spiral

If we see change as a naturally occurring event - much like the change of seasons - then we can embrace change as a gift and an invitation to improve and enhance our lives.

To grow through life's inevitable ups and downs, we must move through each season in turn.

Fall - Sensing a Shift in Your Life and Preparing for What's to Come

Early Winter - Retreating, Reflecting and Reconnecting with Your Deep Nature

Winter Solstice - Catching Sparks of Hope in the Darkness

Seasons of Change by the Season

Do you have a sense of where you are on the Seasons of Change Spiral? Read the summaries below to gain a sense of the purpose of each Season. The first line of each summary describes how you are likely to feel while in each season.

Deepen your exploration of the seasons that resonate with where you are in the journey.

You are likely to be in Fall if you are getting news of changes or you are worrying while you wait for news.